Weighed Down

A big focus the past few months has been weight loss. I’ve gained weight over the last couple years and it got to a point where I just didn’t feel healthy anymore. Not only that, but I lost almost every bit of my self confidence along the way. Slowly realizing that my clothes didn’t fit and people were seeing me differently absolutely crushed me for so long. It was also super frustrating when the weight didn’t immediately start melting off. I’ve lost about 10 lbs at this point though. At first it was such slow progress, but after about 5-7 weeks of actually sticking to it things started to change.

So here’s what’s up from this part of my journey so far….

I don’t religiously track my food, but a big factor for me was being mindful of my food seven days a week… not just Monday through Friday. Making healthier choices when out to dinner with friends was probably the hardest part. I try to keep a balance though. I still enjoy my favorites like pizza and ice cream, but I also have plenty of meat and veggies.

Another big thing has been just meeting my body where it’s at. For me that meant getting some new clothes that fit, and realizing that I can still feel good about myself even with the extra weight. It took me forever to admit I could no longer fit my size 4-6 jeans. I had been literally living in leggings and scrubs when I finally bought new jeans. I quickly realized not busting out of my pants felt so much better, and I ended up feeling more confident.

I also go to the gym (which was crazy intimidating at first) and alternate that with some at home workouts. When I’m at home sometimes I do my own thing like some stretching or yoga… other times I browse YouTube for a guided workout. The Walk at Home workouts surprisingly have me sweating and so tired by the end. My husband and I go for walks or hikes on the weekends too, which also adds to my workout routine. My workouts always give me an extra little confidence and positivity boost for the day.

I also remind myself that everyone has a different starting point and it’s important to be grateful where I am. I’ve decided to enjoy my body where it’s at, even though it’s hard. I’m trying to practice self confidence at every stage and reminding myself that even slow progress is something. So after a few months of this I feel so different, I’m not quite where I’d like to be… but I’m definitely on my way and that’s enough.

Slow progress is ok, it’s still movement in the right direction.