The Beginning

For a long time I’ve wanted to start a blog, I’m talking since like middle school age. In recent years I haven’t really given it much thought… I guess mainly because of thoughts like “who would even follow me?” I’ve finally realized that doesn’t really matter, what actually matters is that I’m going after something I want in life. It matters that I’m doing something I enjoy!

I want to share my journey… my journey through self love and care, and just life journeys in general.

My posts may seem a little scattered at times, but I have a lot going on. I mean who doesn’t? I don’t plan to be confined to just one area of blogging. So sometimes I’ll probably share a little about nursing, others it may be about my weight loss progress, food or what I did this past weekend. This is all about my life journey, and life is chaotic and scattered.

So anyways, welcome to my blog! Welcome to my journey.